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We make real estate agents Local Famous!

In other words, we help agents regularly attract quality home buyer and seller prospects through social media video advertising. Many real estate agents and small businesses feel like video advertising is out of reach for their brand.

Finding a videographer who they can afford seems like just the first hurdle. They are overwhelmed with so many other questions too...

What should I talk about on camera?
• What should I wear?
• How long should the video be?
• How do I professionally film & edit it?
• How do I get it in front of my ideal audiences?
• How do I do all these things consistently to get the best results?

We help with all of the above through streamlined and accessible video services that help our clients feel comfortable on camera!

Our efficient "micro video studios" around St. Louis help us keep down the cost and time commitment of recurring video production.

Additionally, our ad specialists use targeted paid ads online and organic posting to keep our client’s brand top of mind. We stay in front of their current network and new ideal audiences consistently to generate brand awareness, as well as new leads and referrals...to ultimately grow their business!

In a nutshell...our team works diligently with each client to create a robust video strategy, script videos for social media, film and professionally edit those videos AND place them in targeted paid ads online.

Could you benefit from a video advertising system?

Our Team

Nick Niehaus
Co-Founder / CEO
Vanessa Lobo
Co-Founder / COO
Michael Glaser
Chief Videographer
Chris Van de Hey

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